Umbro x England Rugby

With the release of the new England Rugby shirt by Umbro I designed a set of concept art logos. I then collaborated with a photographer friend of mine - Sam Todd, to create a test shoot that would reimagine the modern day rugby fan. Many sports have negative stereotypes from by-gone generations. One stigma Rugby Union holds is its accusation of elitism, an upper class game played by the wealthy. The public school boys that dwell in south west London, drinking champers from the boots of Land Rovers is an outdated and untrue representation of todays Rugby fanbase. Rugby today is a global game played from the grass routes up and enjoyed by boys and girls of all races, creeds, ages and abilities. Rugbys true values are acceptance and inclusion. This work sets out to demonstrate Rugby fans are from all walks of life, to see Rugby in a new light and to show stereotypes and preconceptions have no place in sport. Using subtle hints and hidden gems that true Rugby fans would see - The sweet chariot on the swings, the playground game of British Bulldog and the coaching technique of Total Control Under Pressure (TCUP)

wide logo

eng train

umbro finals 013

umbro finals 005

umbro finals 006

umbro finals 007

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umbro finals 016

umbro finals 017